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The American Tundra Shepherd (ATS) is a rare breed developed in the United States. It is powerful in structure, stable in temperament, and has versatile abilities. This breed, originated by Mr. Frank Catania of Edwardsville, Kansas. Mr. Catania, a former chief instructor of the U.S. Army Canine Training program, developed the breed under a Defense Department contract. He has kept a strict breeding plan based on show conformation and canine working skills, honed through competitive classes and training programs. The American Tundra Shepherd has been found to be virtually free from most genetic defects. It is highly resistant to temperature extremes and adapts equally well to home pet life or full-scale professional use.

The puppies are adorable additions to a family and gain size rapidly. The adult female matures at two to three years of age, weighing 85 to 110 pounds. The adult male runs a formidable 110 to 140 pounds. Their average lifespan is between 13 and 15 years, and they may reach a length of 6 to 8 feet. These are large-breed dogs. Some restrictions are required to keep your dog safe such as a fenced-in area, a leash, a kennel, or, as we prefer, inside the home. We do not recommend tying or staking outside as a permanent lifestyle. This is a training method only! Their temperaments range from very gentle to moderately aggressive. They are enthusiastic and active but will settle easily for an afternoon nap. They require early training to get the most out of them and might be on the quiet side, but will sound an alarm.

Though it has heart-stopping beauty reminiscent of our ancient partner, Canis lupus, we can assure you that the ATS is a full-blooded, pure-bred, registered dog with great consistency. They come in a variety of colors, including pure white, cream with black markings (note Lobo or Sirius), steel grey (note Kachina), brindle (note Dancer and Bear), black and tan, and black. Their coats range from short, medium, too long. They are well suited to outdoor life where they will shed twice a year profusely. Otherwise, they will shed moderately all year with moderate brushing to keep them in good shape.

Their size alone is a deterrent to most wrong-doers. When leaving your home for a night on the road, your early warning detection system is on against anything from fire and smoke to human or animal trespassers, with the proper training and socialization administered. They are easily suited to guarding, home companionship and protection, Search and Rescue, and handicap services.

Programs geared specifically to dogs such as these can be found at Fen's Mountain Kennels (FMK). We think the American Tundra Shepherd is the best universal working dog available in the U.S. Like any large northern breed, and they need firm and consistent training, early socialization programs, and tender loving care. FMK is an associate breeder and affiliate of Global Kennel Club Inc.

American Tundra Shepherd

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